The 3 Prioritization Buckets

Overwhelming workload and conflicting demands from multiple directions have become a way of life for many of us. In most organizations, every functional team typically boasts of their practically impossible "books of work" and their long lists of overdue items. As a result, we all end up with too much on our plates & too little in terms of opportunities to shine and have a meaningful impact.

A few years back, after thinking long & hard through the state of my work day I came up with this simple prioritization technique. And I must say that this little trick has definitely helped me keep things under control. Over the last few years, I have rarely if ever, felt overwhelmed at work. [I actually wish I had the same level of sanity & control at home!]


Tips from my experiments at work

Over the last decade or so I have been experimenting various tactics and approaches at work. Almost all of these experiments were designed & diligently followed by me.

Among the few that I have tried & tested over a considerable length of time, two stand out. They both proved to be quite effective. The first one which is also one of my earliest experiments could be quite helpful in staying motivated day to day at work, particularly so in the current, uncertain business environment. The second one can be a great tool to manage seemingly unmanageable workloads while creating a positive impact.