Photography Tips - Just In Time For Your Summer Vacation

Recently I put together some quick photography tips for a friend. Years ago she had purchased a nice DSLR camera which was collecting dust. She wanted to put it to use during her upcoming summer vacation. I jotted down these quick tips to help her get started. 

Equipment basics:
1. Flash - There are some instances where a flash is useful but in most outdoor, daytime situations, it creates ugly shadows. My suggestion is to turn it off to take pictures during your summer travels where you are likely to be spending time outdoors.

2. ISO - Leave it on "AUTO".

Camera settings for shutter speed and aperture - the only 2 modes that you would need to get started.

3. Shutter speed - When taking pictures of moving objects e.g., kids running around, moving bus or train or a waterfall, set the camera in the "shutter priority mode" and use a high shutter speed. In a Nikon camera, it is the "S" mode. In a canon, it is usually the "Tv" mode. Refer to your camera manual to know what it is called. 
Do not use this mode for taking pictures of still objects or scenery.

4. Aperture - Almost always use the "Aperture priority" mode. "A" mode in Nikon/the "Av" mode in a canon.

Use only the above 2 modes, "Aperture priority" 90% of the time and "shutter priority" to capture moving objects. Do not use full "auto" or full "manual". Full auto doesn't give you the best results. Full manual is too time consuming hence not suitable for everyday/travel photography.