My own “Oprah at Hermes” moment

A cross-post from The Huffington Post

I am a long time resident of New York City. We live in Lower Manhattan with our two little children. Yesterday I had a rather appalling experience at one of the retail stores in the new Westfield shopping center - the Forever Flawless spa.

I decided to narrate the incident to a wider audience in an effort to keep such ugliness in check. Yesterday, on my way back home, I stopped at the “Forever Flawless” store to ask about the services they offer. The lady at the store refused to answer me and looked away. When I tried to engage her by asking more questions about the specific services, she made some hand gestures and once again looked away. Just as I was wondering if she had some speech difficulties, she sees a woman walking across the walkway, about 20 or more feet away, yells at her with a smile and offers her some samples saying “ma’am would you like to try our samples?”. The woman who was in a hurry, waved a “No” and briskly walked away while I was standing right in front of the store assistant getting ignored!