Bike Lessons...Life Lessons

This summer, my 7 year old daughter & I have been riding our bikes a lot. A good number of these trips were not just recreational. We have been using the bike as a legitimate commute option. Most of our trips have been about 3 miles long. Our little girl has been bravely riding alongside regular commuter & speed cyclists during those trips.  While she was hoping to ride alongside me and have a fun chat, I was constantly barking out road rules at her. She was trying to be my buddy and I was unsuccessful at getting out of my mom hat!!

To give you an idea, our conversation would go something like this:

N - mommy, you know, we can make a hovercraft.

Me - don't look at me. look ahead.
N - mommy, I can show you how to make a hovercraft
Me - let's take a break, sit at the lawn & talk.
N - no no. Let's go. I don't want a break.
Me - But I don't want you talking to me. I want you to focus on the road. Safety first.
N - okay okay!
....and then she would start pedaling really fast and go way ahead of me :-(
watching kayaks on Hudson during one such trip