Self-Centering Routine

Overall things are fine. In spite of that every once in a while anxiety, frustration and similar reactions rear their ugly heads. Life then feels difficult & unmanageable. I lose the balance & begin searching for the centre.
To this end, I have begun to appreciate the usefulness of a daily routine (Not a strict minute by minute regimen). However, coming up with such a routine has been a trial and error process.
In my search for a suitable anchoring routine, I came across the Morita Therapy – a Japanese Psychotherapy technique developed in the 30s for people recovering from severe trauma. Morita Therapy Methods (MTM) is an intense process spread over several weeks or months and typically has the following phases.
1. Isolation + meditation
2. Silent monotonous work + journal writing + long outdoor walks
3. Intense physical work (stretch physical limits) + creative activity (writing, painting, sculpting etc)
Although the components of the MTM were very appealing to me, the process itself was a bit too much, mainly since:
a) I don’t have several weeks or months to expend.
b) Haven’t really gone through any major trauma that requires such a full blown attention
c) And I wasn’t looking for some one time fix or a switch.
Instead I was looking for something that could become a part of my everyday life.
Therefore, I have come up with my own milder version of the MTM for everyday use. In the morning I spend some time meditating in isolation, engage in some creative activity (writing, editing videos, working on illustrations..) & then do some stretches or exercise. At night, after I get done with the day, I do some monotonous work in silence (dishes, clean up etc), go for a walk & write my journal. I don’t quite time these activities. I rely on myself (not the clock) to signal the “enough” point. On some days, I spend as little as 10 mins on each activity & on other days I have stretched them into an hour or more.
So far I have found this routine enjoyable & I feel great during the day and I get the inkling that I would be able to stick to it. Looks like I found something that is going to work!!
Here is the book on Morita Therapy for more in-depth reading..


  1. Wow Seetha - this sounds great. I think there is a lot of stress and struggle having spread ourselves way too thin with our day-to-day commitments. More than several times I have felt overwhelmed. I think I am going to take inspiration from your MTM and create a workable version of MTM for me.
    Keep this blog spot going - good work!!

  2. You are very in touch with yourself. I have found that it is more valuable to look within myself when I am uncomfortable with my situation rather than try to change everyone (or anyone) else. I may try some of your suggestions as well.

  3. It is inspiring to see how you are trying to connect with your inner self Seetha. This drill will certainly fuel your passion and creative energy over time, allowing you to "feel" and enjoy more of what you do than just perform them as a job function or a 'To do list'. Keep writing and inspiring us :-)