I Defy Labels

Like many, I too am "exhausted by labels". I too am tired of being forced to identify who I am, what I do and where I stand. I don't want to be sorted and boxed into any category. Hence, I DefyLabels.

I get asked many questions...why, even I have asked many of them myself...and every time I end up or come up the with the same answer, "No. I am not."

For instance,

Are you a success? "No. I am not."
Are you a failure? "No. I am not."
Are you mediocre? "No. I am not."
Are you exceptional? "No. I am not."

Are you quitting because you are a woman? "No. I am not."
Are you staying home because you are the mom? "No. I am not."

Am you too old for certain things? And too young for some other things? "No. I am not."
Are you a feminist? Are you a liberal? Are you conservative? Are you progressive? "No. I am not."

I am simply me.
Be you. Defy Labels.

#defylabels #beyou #noiamnot

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